Au Sable Graduate Fellows

The Au Sable Graduate Fellows program connects Christian graduate students in the environmental sciences with peers at major research universities. Members of the Graduate Fellows program attend major research universities (listed here) and are recognized by Au Sable as having exceptional abilities, interests, and leadership potential in the area of environmental stewardship. Please visit the Graduate Fellows webpage for more information.

Graduate Fellows meets regularly for exploration of Christian environmental stewardship topics with an emphasis on integrating Christian environmental stewardship within their field of study.

Annual retreats at the Au Sable Great Lakes Campus encourage group activities and fellowship with Graduate Fellows from other chapters, bringing everyone together for discussion about a variety of environmental topics, presentations on current issues in environmental stewardship, outdoor recreation, and good food.

Au Sable Graduate Fellows receive a fellowship stipend of up to $200 per year for the purchase of books and reference materials on Christian environmental stewardship. Third and fourth year Ph.D. students can also use the stipend to attend conferences on Christian environmental stewardship.

Dr. Rolf Bouma coordinates the Au Sable Graduate Fellows program for the Au Sable Institute and also oversees the local chapter at the University of Michigan. For more information, contact either Dr. Bouma or Andrew Kinzer (, the program assistant.